Welcome to The Time Keeper Database. The founding date of this data base is 2023 EARTH Timeline 3D-4D. This database exists in a limited, two dimensional state, but soon perhaps it will evolve into a more organic database of a higher dimensional awareness.

Without further words. I bid you farewell traveler and hand over the story to our dear human writer: Kurtis Allison, with intergalactic help of course.

The Time Keeper Realm

In a universal dimmension very few know about, the entire existance of everything in it dervives from one character alone. A simple spark of light started in the midst of utter dark chaos.

This dimmension exists outside of the human limitations of time. This dimmension has infinitely many rules, but at the same time all rules can be broken, bent, or the entire timeline collapse within the snap of magical fingers. However, at this agency we have not encountered someone with quite and extensive grip on this reality. Even we ourselves, are just now beginning to understand some of the basic rules defining this reality. Oops... Spoke too soon. another reality just collapsed and broke our first few hundred theories...